Public Art Projects: Facilitator/Curator


Sony Studios
Culver City, CA


Rising 94 feet high, Rainbow by Tony Tasset speaks to the sense of optimism and well-being associated with rainbows in general and more specifically with the rainbow as imagined in the iconic Wizard of Oz film, created in the very movie studio that is now home to Rainbow. Tasset’s sculpture, commissioned by Sony Pictures Entertainment for its Culver City lot, celebrates popular culture and at the same participates in the fine art tradition, particularly the Light and Space movement that is associated with Southern California. Rainbows are pure light, prismatic wonders that appear due to fortuitous combinations of moisture and solar rays. The sculpture is steel but represents an ephemeral phenomenon. Rainbow salutes all art that is based on light, including the work of Robert Irwin and James Turrell as well as the films of Hollywood, whose light-based medium is the foundation of global popular culture. Named one of 38 remarkable places to encounter public art by 2018.

Client: Sony Pictures Entertainment